Zipper Seal Custom Bags

      All Zipper Seal custom bags are produce at our factory in Qingdao , China . . Please contact our customer service for details.

Custom Design bags available:

Standard Bag
Plain or printed reclosable bags with/or without colour line on the top of profile.
Hang Hole Bags
Bags with contains either round, oblong or the other kind of holes to allow hanging applications found in retail.
Tamper Evident Bag
These bags provide either a perforated tear strip of scissors cut line for evidence of package tampering.  This bag is delivered with the bottom unsealed to allow bottom loading of product.  (Sealing with filled.) This bag is particularly well suited to food and hygienic purposes.
Saddle Bags
A twin bag configuration between two zippers.  This bag provides for related products to be displayed and packaged together.
Compartment Sealed Bag
A vertical seal within the bag used to form two individual compartments.  This bag is suitable for optical applications.
Handle Grip Carry Bag
This provides a finger grip area creating a carry bag.
Pocket Bag or Specimen Bag
Bottom material is folded over to form a pocket or sealing together with a sheet or normal bag to be a pocket as well.
Biofresh Bag
This bag provides for prolonging the freshness of fruits or vegetables.
Bottom Gussetted Bag
A bag with a triangular insert at the bottom for added expansion.  Gusset is only be at the bottom of the bag.
Bottom Flap
A bottom flap is created when material is recessed on one side of the bag for ease of loading.  The recess can be on either side of the bag.
  Anti-Static bag
Provides protection for electronic components.
Wicketed Bags
"U" shaped or "T" shaped (for narrow bags) wire bag mounts which facilitate semi-automatic loading equipment.
Vented Bags
It is designed to vent air from reclosable bags, are available.
Cuff Bags
This provides one part of flaps sealing under the zipper for ease loading when pull.

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